Table 1

PM action plans to pre-empt regulatory restrictions in Indonesia in the early 1990s34

Key policy areaPM's country plan (1990)
Corporate sponsorship activity to ‘pre-empt marketing restrictions’ (eg, Corporate Social Responsibility)Develop relationship with the Secretary of State, who sits on the national tennis board.
Identify reporters from English and Indonesia language newspapers and magazines. Develop these contacts to assist in releasing information regarding the benefits of the tobacco industry and benefits of sponsorship. Publicise PM and industry messages.
Invite journalists and other opinion leaders to PM-sponsored events throughout the region.
Institute PM journalism award for best writer in agriculture or agricultural economics as part of the ASEAN-wide competition.
Conduct and publicise studies on economic impact of the tobacco industry and the economic development benefits derived from non-interventionist government policy.
Schedule at least one corporate sponsorship event each year.
Identify and support one charitable group through corporate donations.
Taxation policyDevelop government/legislative contact programme.
Seek support from leading economists in Indonesia to lend academic credence to our argument.
Present studies to Ministry of Finance through appropriate intermediaries, and publish abstracts in local business journals.
Develop plan to exploit mutual interest of white cigarette and kretek manufacturers.
Develop contacts with business organisations and import/export groups.
Commission tax study by Centre for Strategic and International Studies or another highly regarded consulting firm like Price Waterhouse. Use the results of study to demonstrate benefits accruing to all manufacturers, and approach Bentoel and the two other leading kretek manufacturers to gain their support. We will also develop a plan to defend against kretek manufacturers working against the interests of white cigarette companies.
Smoke-free policiesMaintain social acceptability of smoking by encouraging tolerance and courtesy and refuting allegations about ETS.
  • PM, Philip Morris; ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations; ETS, Environmental Tobacco Smoke.