Table 1

Timeline of Programme and assessment activities and contextual factors

Programme activity
 Summit on Illicit tobacco (IT) in north of EnglandX Dec)
 Developing logic plan and activitiesXX
Setting up management infrastructure:
  • Dedicated programme manager

  • Governance Board (regional governmental health leads, national enforcement (customs and excise), regional enforcement and border agency representatives), local enforcement, marketing representatives)

3 Regional steering groups and local partnerships


Consumer researchX (July)X (Mar/Apr) (NW/NE)
only due to regional funding stoppage)
Social marketing campaign & associated websites: and
X (June/July)
NW/NE only
Establishing main website aimed at professionals
Establishing regional level enforcement postsX
Agreeing 2 hotlines: Crimestoppers and Customs HotlineX
Establishing a protocol for sharing intelligence on the supply of IT among local and national enforcement bodiesXXX
Development and implementation of tailored training packages for health professionals, magistrates and prosecutorsX
Assessment activity
 Ethnographic researchXXX
 Stakeholder interviews IX (Nov/Dec)
 Stakeholder interviews IIX (Nov/Dec)
Contextual factors
 Media ‘freeze’ (ie, government funds could not be used on media campaigns)X
 General electionX (May)
 Funding stopped for Department of Health Regional Offices (Y&H activity stopped)X (Mar)
 Restructuring of local health service, local government, HMRC etcXX
  • HMRC, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs; NW, northwest; NE, northeast.