Table 2

Outcome of store visits by month

June 2012, n (%)September 2012, n (%)December 2012, n (%)February 2013, n (%)p Value*
Total stores visited†n=300n=300n=297n=2950.301
a. Data collection error‡32 (10.7)3 (1.0)2 (0.7)16 (5.4)<0.001
b. Requested brand, variant or pack size not in stock33 (11.0)25 (8.3)104 (35.0)66 (22.4)<0.001
Total stores visited where retrieval time unable to be recorded (a+b)65 (21.7)28 (9.3)106 (35.7)82 (27.8)<0.001
c. Automatic dispenser2 (0.7)5 (1.7)6 (2.0)3 (1.0)0.468
d. Retailer interrupted or did not immediately look for pack§10 (3.3)12 (4.0)1 (0.3)12 (4.1)0.021
e. Fieldworker was asked for age identification4 (1.3)0000.008
f. Store equipment malfunction¶1 (0.3)2 (0.7)2 (0.7)00.533
Total stores visited, where retrieval time affected by extraneous factors (c+d+e+f)17 (5.7)19 (6.3)9 (3.0)15 (5.1)0.283
Total stores visited where retrieval time measured without extraneous factors present218 (72.7)253 (84.3)182 (61.3)198 (67.1)<0.001
  • The italicised rows denote sub-totals.

  • *From χ2 test for main effect of month.

  • †June: two stores mistakenly not visited, one store did not appear to sell tobacco at time of visit; September: one store mistakenly not visited, two stores closed; December: six stores closed/under renovation; February: eight stores closed.

  • ‡Data for one fieldworker were removed in June (n=11 stores) due to unreliability (this fieldworker was not used in subsequent store visits). Data from one fieldworker who visited two areas (15 stores) were irretrievably lost by the postal service in February. Also includes where fieldworker forgot to request exact brand variant or pack size or record retrieval time, or mishandled the recording device.

  • §Retailer-related delays, including serving a second customer in the midst of interacting with the fieldworker, chatting to the fieldworker, asking for payment before retrieving pack or helping a co-worker with another task.

  • ¶Included scanner malfunction or cigarette display door unable to be opened.