Table 1

Nicotine exposure in inexperienced e-cigarette users

ReferenceStudy characteristicsResults
Study productLabelled nicotine contentSample sizeUse durationBiomarkers of exposureRelevant comparisonsOther physiological measures
Bullen et al17Ruyan V816 mg8e-cigarette: 5 min; inhaler: 10 min; cigarette: 5 minplasma nicotine (venous): Cmax 1.3 ng/mL, Tmax 19.6 minNicorette inhaler (10 mg nicotine): Cmax 2.1 ng/mL, Tmax 32 min; own brand cigarette: Cmax 13.4 ng/mL; Tmax 14.3 min
Eissenberg19NJOY or Crown 716 mg162 bouts of 10 puffs, 30 s interpuff interval, 1 hr between boutsplasma nicotine: after 5 min, 2.5 ng/mL (NJOY), 3.5 ng/mL (Crown 7)own brand cigarette: 16.8 ng/mLno increases in HR
Vansickel et al20NJOY or Crown 718 mg, 16 mg322 bouts of 10 puffs, 30 s interpuff interval, 1 h between boutsno significant changes to plasma nicotineown brand cigarette: within 5 min, 2.1–18.8 ng/mLno increases in HR
Vansickel et al21Vapor King18 mg/mL206 bouts of 10 puffs, 20 s interpuff interval, 30 min between boutsplasma nicotine: 5 min after final bout, 2.2–7.4 ng/mL5 min after first bout, HR increased from 67.5 to 75 bpm
Flouris et al22Giant11 mg/mL15Equivalent puffs to approximate nicotine delivery with two own brand cigarettes, based on 1.5 cigarette/e-cigarette nicotine absorption ratioserum cotinine: significant increases immediately following and 1 h after use2 own brand cigarettes: no difference between e-cigarette and cigarette use
  • HR, heart rate; bpm, beats per minute; Cmax, maximum drug concentration; Tmax, time at which maximum drug concentration is observed.