Table 5

Tobacco alkaloids reported in refill solutions, cartridges and aerosols of e-cigarettes

Etter et al13Refill solution% of nicotine0.04 to 0.210.05 to 0.420.13 to 1.560.04 to 0.450.060.02 to 0.10
Trehy et al7Cartridgemg/cartridgeN.D.<LOQ to 0.08N.D. to 0.82N.D. to <LOQN.D. to <LOQN.T.
Aerosolmg/30×100 mL puffsN.D.N.D.N.D. to <LOQN.D.N.D.N.T.
Westenberger9Cartridgemg/cartridgeN.D. to <LOQN.D. to <LOQN.A.N.D. to <LOQN.D. to <LOQN.A.
Aerosolμg/100 mL puffN.D. to 0.4N.T.N.T.N.T.N.D. to D.N.T.
Westenberger10Refill solutionμg/mLN.D. to 17836 to 7118 to 57N.D.1 to 6N.T.
  • <LOQ, below the limit of quantitation but above the limit of detection; D., detected; N.A., not available; N.D., not detected; N.T., not tested by the study.