Table 1

Servers’ and patrons’ risk of lung cancer death (LCD) due to exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants and bars in Minnesota

ServersSmoking venues/sectionsNon-smoking sections
Weighted SHS-PM2.5 levels, mean (95% CI), µg/m378 (64 to 91)134 (110 to 158)30 (22 to 38)
Dose response according to Repace and Lowrey165×10−5 per year for exposure to 1 mg per day
Breathing rates, m3/h1.61.01.0
Average hours per day exposed to SHS, h/day41.41.4
Days per week exposed to SHS, day/week511
Number of years exposed to SHS, years456060
Lifetime attributable risk of LCD (95% CI), 10−6802 (658 to 936)80 (66 to 95)18 (13 to 23)
  • The 95% CIs presented here indicate only the variance of the weighted SHS-PM2.5 levels during peak patronage times; uncertainties from other sources are not integrated.

  • SHS, secondhand smoke; PM2.5, fine particulate matter.