TableĀ 2

Estimated changes in cigarette consumption and exposure to Second Hand Smoke (SHS) with the implementation of the tobacco control law approved by Argentina's Congress and the additional effect of a cigarette price increase

InterventionDescriptionEstimated effect size*Reference
National tobacco control lawAdvertising, promotion and sponsorship banDecrease in cigarette consumption of 0.6%21
Health warningsDecrease in cigarette consumption of 9%22
100% smoke-free environmentsDecrease in exposure to SHS of 60%23
National law plus a price increase100% of price increaseDecrease in cigarette consumption of 31%Martinez E, Mejia R, Perez-Stable E. Elasticity of cigarette demand in Argentina: an empirical analysis using vector error-correction model. Unpublished work. Personal communication
  • *The size effects are expressed as relative reductions.