Table 3

Clustering of tobacco outlets based on nearest neighbour analysis

SubcommunityRatio of shared mean nearest neighbour distance (m) to expected mean nearest neighbour distance (m)OverallPaan shopsGeneral stores
Z scoreZ scoreZ score
ABC9.7/10.7=0.90 Significantly clustered 0.05 level−1.97−1.970.40
DEF15.0/23.5=0.64 Significantly clustered 0.01 level−2.85−2.85−2.85
GHI12.5/12.6=0.99 Outlets are random−0.24−0.24−0.24
JKL10.5/11.9=0.88 Significantly clustered 0.10 level−1.86−1.86−1.30
MNO10.5/11.2=0.93 Outlets slightly clustered likely by chance−1.08−1.08−1.08
Study community total11.2/13.0=0.86 Significantly clustered 0.01 level−4.89−4.890.64