Table 2

Comparison of ventilation in Philip Morris cigarette brands with colour names and the Lights brands replaced

Sub-brandColour name substitutePer cent ventilation 2009Per cent ventilation 2010Δ Per cent ventilation
Basic lights 100s boxGold23167
Basic lights 100s soft packGold23167
Basic lights boxGold17152
Basic lights soft packGold16151
Basic menthol lights 100s boxGold20233
Basic menthol lights 100s soft packGold19256
Basic menthol lights boxGold16171
Basic menthol lights soft packGold12142
Basic menthol ultra-lights 100s boxBlue49454
Basic menthol ultra-lights boxBlue42393
Basic ultra-lights 100s boxBlue47525
Basic ultra-lights 100s soft packBlue50482
Basic ultra-lights boxBlue41421
Basic ultra-lights soft packBlue43463
Marlboro lights 100s boxGold30246
Marlboro lights 100s soft packGold30246
Marlboro lights 25s boxGold18257
Marlboro lights boxGold25232
Marlboro lights soft packGold24231
Marlboro medium 100s boxRed label20233
Marlboro medium 100s soft packRed label25214
Marlboro medium boxRed label18171
Marlboro medium soft packRed label22231
Marlboro ultra-lights 100s boxSilver49523
Marlboro ultra-lights boxSilver435310
Merit lights 100s soft packGold33321
Parliament lights 100s soft packWhite30344
Parliament lights boxWhite30355
Parliament menthol lights boxWhite22231
Virginia slims luxury lights 120s boxGold27281
Mean absolute difference in per cent ventilation3.4
  • Sources: Philip Morris, USA7 and Annual Reports to Massachusetts Department of Public Health.18