Table 1

Replicate and mean nicotine concentration analyses for e-cigarette nicotine solutions

Nicotine (mg/ml)
SampleReplicate analyses
IDBrand*Expected concentration level123Mean (±S.D.)
AVapour liquid (high)24 mg/ml (marked)19.821.216.319.1 (±2.52)
BNo brand, hand-labelled liquid (high)25–36 mg/ml (est.)12.412.112.412.3 (±0.17)
CSmart smoke liquid (high)25–36 mg/ml (est.)13.213.512.713.1 (±0.40)
DSmart smoke liquid (med)10–18 mg/ml (est.)12.711.211.911.9 (±0.75)
ESmart smoke liquid (low)6–14 mg/ml (est.) (±0.16)
FBE112 prefilled cartridge (super high)25–36 mg/ml (est.)19.820.419.519.9 (±0.46)
GVapour prefilled cartridge (high)24 mg/ml (marked)22.422.721.522.2 (±0.62)
  • Precision and accuracy of the LC-MS analyses for the quality control test solutions were as follows: Low: target concentration=20 ng/ml, measured nicotine mean (SD)=18.5 (±0.95); Medium: target concentration=300 ng/ml, measured nicotine mean=301.4 (±6.05); High: target concentration=1300 ng/ml, measured nicotine mean=1314 (±42.5).

  • *Nicotine solutions were obtained from local vendors in Spokane, Washington, USA. All labelled brands (Vapour, Smart Smoke, BE112) were also found available for purchase on the internet. Information on country of manufacture was only found for Vapour (USA).