Table 2

Sexual orientation disparities in smoking-related outcomes: National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions, 2004–2005

Smoking variableLGB (N=577)Heterosexual (N=33 598)χ2, p value
Ever smoked
 %55.4647.01χ2=16.26, p<0.01
 N32015 794
Current smoking*
 %33.822.78χ2=38.92, p<0.01
Nicotine dependence among current smokers (N=7848)
 %66.6756.63χ2=7.81, p<0.01
Half-packs among frequent smokers† (N=6985)
 Mean1.941.80t=−1.72, p=0.09
  • *Current Smoking defined as 1+ cigarettes within the last year.

  • Half Packs is an ordinal variable of number of half packs typically smoked on days when respondent smoked, among those who smoked every day or nearly every day (range 0–6 half packs, corresponding to <10 to 60 cigarettes per day). Half-packs=10 cigarettes.

  • LGB, Lesbian, gay, bisexual.