Table 1

Examples of each category based on our coding framework

GenericWaterpipe tobacco is entirely on par with cigarettes by virtue of a generic definition of ‘tobacco product’ or ‘smoking’“Means a product consisting wholly or partly of tobacco whether genetically modified or not and intended to be smoked sniffed, sucked or chewed” (England 2002 No 3041 consumer protection)
DefinedWaterpipe tobacco is entirely on par with cigarettes by virtue of a definition of ‘tobacco product’ or ‘smoking’ which makes reference to waterpipe tobacco“tobacco products shall be understood as cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, chopped tobacco, hookah or waterpipes, tobacco leaf extracts and other products of similar use, prepared entirely or in part by using tobacco leaves as raw material and which are designed to be smoked, inhaled, sucked, chewed or used as snuff. It also includes electronic nicotine delivery systems” (Ecuador- TC Regs)
Waterpipe-specificAt least part of the law is specific to waterpipe tobacco“The list of health warnings concerning the fatal and harmful effects of waterpipes includes the following sentences…….” (Lebanon-Decree 8991)
Cigarette-specificAt least part of the law is specific to a tobacco product(s), usually cigarettes, and does not include waterpipe tobaccoEvery single package of cigarettes to be sold in Poland should contain the following information printed clearly, legibly and permanently (1) at least two different warnings against the adverse effects of tobacco use; one of which is of general character…. (Poland—Act 9.11.1995 as amended)