Table 5

Claims made about e-cigarettes, 2014

 Older brands* (N=251)Newer brands† (N=215)Older vs newer brands
p value
Top-5 brands (N=5) %Other brands (N=246) %Top-5 vs others
p value
Older brands combined (N=251)%Newer Brands (N=215)%
Healthier than cigarettes100.079.7<0.0180.159.1<0.01
Could be used where smoking is banned100.076.0<0.0176.546.5<0.01
Cheaper than cigarettes100.069.5<0.0170.147.0<0.01
Effective quitting aid (indirect claim)<0.05
Effective quitting aid (direct claim)0.010.2<0.0110.011.60.57
  • *Active on the internet in 2012 and 2014.

  • †Active on the internet in 2014 but not 2012.