Table 2

Interest in trying e-cigarettes, by ad characteristics

Comparison typeAd headlineMean (SD)Ad messageMean (SD)
ControlE-cigarettes1.89 (1.10)
Great to use1.89 (1.10)
SimilarityJust like a cigarette2.04 (1.17)
Feels like smoking1.99 (1.14)
Relieves cravings2.05 (1.14)
Use with friends2.09 (1.23)*
DifferenceBetter than a cigarette2.08 (1.19)**
Use anywhere2.04 (1.22)
Helps you quit2.06 (1.12)*
Costs less2.09 (1.20)**
Healthier2.12 (1.23)**
  • Note: Higher means indicate greater interest in trying e-cigarettes (1=not at all—5=a great deal).

  • Comparison to control headline/message *p<0.05, **p<0.01.