Table 2

Summary statistics of sample characteristics in Canada and the USA, 2002–2005

Number of cigarettes smoked per day16.0317.78
Percentage of smokers using discount brand26.3527.20
Reported price per cigarette stick of brand used (2005 dollars)0.340.17
Ratio of discount brand price to premium brand price0.870.75
Percentage of smokers who received tobacco industry promotions21.1771.34
Percentage of smokers by household income groups
 Below $10 0005.7010.05
 $10 000–$29 99923.0427.67
 $30 000–$44 99920.6621.01
 $45 000–$59 99918.2317.00
 $60 000–$74 99911.889.24
 $75 000–$99 99911.378.35
 $100 000–$149 9996.594.49
 $150 000 and over2.522.20
Percentage by highest level of education
 Grade school, some high school15.0810.15
 Completed high school29.5632.35
 Technical, trade school, community college32.0132.65
 Some university—no degree8.7410.03
 Completed university degree11.4310.66
 Postgraduate degree3.184.16
Mean age of smokers (years)42.7144.21
Percentage of male smokers44.8742.19
Percentage of white smokers92.0083.36
Percentage of married/cohabitating smokers54.4148.23
Percentage of smokers by year of observation
Percentage of smokers by province/region of residence
 Newfoundland and Labrador1.67New York6.55
 Prince Edward Island0.44Pennsylvania5.07
 Nova Scotia3.22North-east7.31
 New Brunswick1.88Illinois3.71
 British Columbia13.08South23.57
  • Source: ITC Canada and USA surveys, 2002–2005.