Table 1

Distribution of participant characteristics in the initial sample, the followed-up sample and the not followed-up sample

Initial sample (N=231)Followed-up (n=208)Not followed-up (n=23)
Participant characteristicM (SD)M (SD)M (SD)tp Value
Age31.4 (10.1)31.3 (10.0)32.5 (11.3)0.570.571
Daily cigarette consumption12.9 (7.8)13.1 (7.9)11.0 (6.6)−1.280.203
Highest level of education2.530.282
 Not finished secondary21.722.613.0
 Finished secondary36.837.530.4
 At least some tertiary41.639.956.5
 Low SES area22.523.117.4
 Moderate SES area38.538.043.5
 High SES area39.038.939.1
Advertisement condition3.670.055
Pam Laffin53.755.834.8
Rick Stoddard—46 Years Old46.344.265.2
Conversation condition0.670.415
 No conversation52.851.960.9
  • t Tests (degrees of freedom=229) and χ2 (with degrees of freedom of 1 or 2) tested differences in the distribution of characteristics among those participants who were and were not followed-up. Due to rounding, percentages may not total to 100.

  • SES, socioeconomic status.