Table 1

Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) research priority areas reported by District of Columbia and US State tobacco control programmes (N=51)

Priority areaNumber of states mentioningExample
Policy31How to address ENDS in smoke-free, tax, retail, youth access and insurance policy; desire for FDA guidance
ENDS uptake9ENDS as ‘gateway’ to other tobacco products, nicotine addiction; initiation of conventional tobacco through ENDS; dual use; non-smoker uptake
Marketing of ENDS8Display of ENDS in stores; impact of television, radio, online, print advertising on uptake; how, where and how much ENDS marketing; cessation messaging in advertising; ‘vape shops’ opening in places with weak smoke-free laws; marketing regulation
Harm reduction6Rift in public health community regarding harm reduction; splits the research and practice arms of tobacco control; role of ENDS in harm reduction
Messaging to the public about ENDS6Tobacco control community needs to agree upon a common message before community with the public; what are best practices; effective messaging strategies; how to communicate risks of ENDS to public; “the correct public health way to message about [ENDS]”
Definition of ENDS products5Are ENDS tobacco products?; legal guidelines for ENDS and legislation; definitions of products covered by smoke-free laws; how to define?
Normalisation of smoking4Impact of normalisation of ENDS smoking on youth initiation; “de-normalization of 25 years of tobacco control”; modelling behaviour for youth; smoking renormalised through ENDS
ENDS use to administer other drugs3Devices being used for recreational use of marijuana; reports of ENDS used to administer heroin and pot; cannabinoids, other narcotics in e-cigarettes
ENDS industry activity1Influence of industry on ENDS definition for policy purposes
Collaboration between states and researchers1“[we are] eager to collaborate, well-funded, and have data collection opportunities to…work with researchers”
  • ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery system; FDA, Food and Drug Administration.