Table 1

Tobacco outlet density in NSW and associations with smoking prevalence, social disadvantage and remoteness

Tobacco outlet density per 100 000 population†
CoefficientLower 95% CIUpper 95% CIp Value
Smoking prevalence9−0.05−
Social disadvantgae (SEIFA Score)7−0.17−0.32−0.020.025
Remoteness (ARIA mean8)0.500.360.65<0.0001
R squared0.43
Group p value<0.0001
  • †1st quartile: 6.503; Median: 21.720; Mean: 64.090; 3rd Quartile: 71.680.

  • ARIA, Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia; SEIFA, Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas.