TableĀ 4

Adjusted pair-wise mean (SE) differences in motivation to quit smoking between study conditions

Motivation to quit smokingLoss-framed branded packs (A)Gain-framed branded packs (B)Loss-framed plain-packs (C)Gain-framed plain packs (D)
Average across all warnings5.1 (0.20)5.0 (0.17)4.7 (0.20)5.2 (0.17)
Lung disease warning5.5 (0.22)5.3 (0.18)5.0 (0.23)D5.5 (0.18)C
Cancer warning5.4 (0.23)5.3 (0.19)5.1 (0.23)D5.6 (0.19)C
Death warning5.2 (0.24)5.0 (0.19)4.7 (0.24)C5.3 (0.20)D
Stroke/heart attack warning4.5 (0.23)4.4 (0.19)4.3 (0.23)4.5 (0.19)
  • Motivation to quit based on a scale from 1 to 7 with higher values indicating stronger motivation. Average motivation is across all four pictorial warnings; warning-specific motivation is for each individual pack image viewed. Superscript letters adjacent to means indicate significant differences at p<0.05 in pair-wise comparisons of adjusted means between study conditions after Tukey's posthoc adjustment. Means are adjusted for baseline motivation to quit, cigarettes smoked per/day, preferred cigarette brand, and demographics (race/ethnicity, income, employment and marital status) based on the results of bivariate analyses.