Table 1

Model inputs for the CHD Policy Model Argentina

Population of Argentina and incoming 35-year-old persons, 2010–20502010 Census;
 CHDIncidence of hospitalised AMI: Caccavo et al, 2007
 Total strokeIncidence of stroke: national vital statistics and hospital admission registry, Ministry of Health, Argentina
Prevalence of CHD in 2010Pilot test for the non-communicable diseases telephone surveillance system, Ministry of Health
Total and cause-specific mortality
 TotalNational vital statistics,, all deaths in adults age 35–84 years
 CHD1997–2009 vital statistics; using CHD ICD-10 codes I20–25 and 2000 Global Burden of Disease ‘garbage code’ definitions for a proportion of CHD deaths (see text)
 Stroke1997–2009 vital statistics; using stroke ICD-10 codes I60–69
CHD risk factor means and joint distributions, 2010Cardiovascular Risk Factor Multiple Evaluation in Latin America (CARMELA) Study and Segunda Encuesta Nacional de Factores de Riesgo (Second Argentine National Risk Factor Survey)
Risk factor hazards for CHD and strokeFramingham Heart Study (USA)
One-day and 28-day CHD case-fatality
 CHDBlanco P et al Encuesta de SAC, 2007
  In-hospitalArgentinian National Stroke Registry (ReNACer)
  28-day case fatalityProyecto investigacion de Stroke en Chile: Iquique Stroke Study (PISCIS)
  • CHD, coronary heart disease