Table 1

Correlation (rsp) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) between the overall Tobacco Control Scale (TCS) score or the specific score of bans/restrictions on smoking in workplaces and public places and smoking rules inside houses and cars

TCSp ValuePublic places bansp Value
Tobacco rules inside the house
 Smoking is not allowed at all inside the house0.21 (−0.19 to 0.55)0.2950.20 (−0.20 to 0.54)0.322
 Smoking is allowed in certain rooms inside the house−0.34 (−0.64 to 0.05)0.083−0.27 (−0.59 to 0.12)0.174
 Smoking is allowed everywhere inside the house−0.01 (−0.38 to 0.38)0.9790.06 (−0.32 to 0.43)0.749
Tobacco rules in cars
 Smoking is never allowed in my car0.07 (−0.32 to 0.44)0.729−0.05 (−0.42 to 0.34)0.822
 Smoking is allowed sometimes in my car−0.20 (−0.54 to 0.20)0.3220.01 (−0.37 to 0.39)0.977
 Smoking is allowed all the time in my car0.07 (−0.32 to 0.44)0.7450.09 (−0.30 to 0.45)0.674