Table 1

Cigarette pack costs from increased travel costs and adult smoking prevalence in New Zealand for all the modelled tobacco retail outlet reduction interventions*

Intervention (phased in over 10 years)Pack of 20 cigarettes in 2025Total travel costs in 2025Notional cost of a pack in 2025=(pack+travel)Ratio of costs
National smoking prevalence in 2025 (%)Percentage reduction in outlets (%)
Reduce total number of tobacco outlets by 95%$13.46$8.56$2.53$27.47$22.57$16.541.
Permit sales at half the liquor stores (and nowhere else)$44.97$20.50$9.93$58.98$34.51$23.942.
Eliminate sales from outlets within 1 km of all schools$11.92$7.93$2.43$25.93$21.94$16.441.
Eliminate sales from outlets within 2 km of all schools$13.59$11.28$5.74$27.60$25.29$19.751.
  • *All assumed to have a maximum of 50% of increased travel time attributed to buying tobacco; national smoking prevalence estimated using proportional population weighting by rural, semiurban and urban areas.