Table 3

Association between tobacco control advertising at ≥100 targeted rating points (TRPs)/month, ≥400 TRPs/month and ≥800 TRPs/month at different durations over the past 12 months and adolescent smoking (Australia 1993–2008)

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  • Analyses control for adult smoking prevalence, age, school denomination, gender, extent of implement of policies regarding: outdoor and point of sale advertising bans, under age access laws, change in price per cigarette stick, smoke-free policies, year and school clustering.

  • N/D: no student had ≥800 TRPs/month for this number of months.

  • *3–4 months combined.

  • †6–7 months combined.

  • ‡7–10 months combined.

  • §8–10 months combined.