Table 1

Demographic characteristics and smoking behaviour of sample, ITC Mexico Survey 2008, 2010, 2011 (unweighted means and proportions)

CharacteristicsAll current smokers at each wave
Wave 3 (2008)Wave 4 (2010)Wave 5 (2011)
Age (years)
 55 or more16.4227018.3228817.49263
Education level*
 Primary or less26.9344030.7948428.66431
 High school26.9944124.3638324.73372
 Graduate or more16.7127314.0622114.56219
Monthly household income**
 Low (MX$0 to MX$3000)25.0340928.1844321.51324
 Medium (MX$3001 to MX$5000)24.5440124.6238734.00512
 High (MX$5001 or more)38.4962939.9562837.92571
 Don't know11.931957.251146.5799
 Waves of participation*2.8916442.9515672.761503
Smoking status
 Less than daily33.955733.0451732.02481
 Daily, five cigarettes per day or less30.5550230.2947432.29485
 Daily, more than five cigarettes per day35.5458436.6857435.69536
Form of last cigarette purchase**
 Pack of cigarettes82.31134979.05123476.141139
 Single cigarette16.7827520.2431623.13346
 Carton of cigarette packs0.92150.70110.7411
Brand of last cigarette purchase* †
Price per cigarette at last purchase**‡
 International brands, packs of cigarettes1.4710251.619331.93896
 International brands, single cigarettes2.502333.152783.39289
 National brands, packs of cigarettes1.163111.212871.60204
 National brands, single cigarettes2.27362.29313.2747
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01; p values for the association of survey wave and variables.

  • †International brands include Marlboro, Camel, Benson and other international brands purchased by less than 2% of respondents (eg, Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Salem); national brands include Montana, Delicados, Boots, Raleigh and other national brands purchased by less than 2% of respondents (eg, Broadway, Alas, Fiesta, Faros).

  • ‡Prices per cigarette are in Mexican pesos (MX$), adjusted for inflation to April 2012. The exchange rate in April 2012 was MX$12.99 per US$.