Table 3

Policy position estimations

TextsNumber of unique wordsTotal words scoredRaw word score (SE)MV transformed word score95% CI (MV)
Lower boundUpper bound
Consultation68925920.40 (0.004)0.5200.500.54
Commission131411 1810.38 (0.002)0.4450.430.46
Final123512 1150.36 (0.002)0.4040.390.42
European Magazine Media Association3098400.34 (0.007)0.330.290.38
European Trade Union Confederation67422100.34 (0.005)0.340.310.37
Retailer Working Group94239650.34 (0.003)0.350.330.36
Association of Communication Companies36311200.34 (0.006)0.350.310.38
European Communities Trademark Association35610190.34 (0.006)0.350.320.39
Joint Statements of Trade Mark Associations3669760.35 (0.007)0.370.330.41
Association of German Magazine Publishers38412180.36 (0.006)0.400.370.43
  • Raw scores calculated using Wordscores module in Stata. CIs calculated based on MV transformation. Results presented from lowest to highest word scores.

  • MV, Martin-Vanberg.