Table 4

Exposure to thirdhand smoke among non-smoking confederates after staying in a hotel guestroom

 Hotels with complete smoking bansHotels without complete smoking bans
Non-smoking roomsNon-smoking roomsSmoking rooms
Finger nicotine (ng/wipe)N=9N=30N=29
 Geomean2.5 (0.3;8.2)A B11.94 (5.7;24.1)A C60.3 (26.4;136.3)B C
 First quartile0.00.044.2
 Third quartile10.941.3251.1
Urine cotinine (ng/ml)n=10n=28n=28
 Geomean0.14 (0;0.31)0.10 (0.06;0.15)C0.63 (0.42; 0.87)C
 First quartile0.00.00.23
 Third quartile0.250.170.97
  • Matching superscripts show statistically significant mean differences. A p<0.05; B and C p<0.01.