Table 3

Percentage of respondents reporting the source of their last purchase of cigarettes: Mexico and Uruguay

Wave 1 (September–November 2006)Wave 2 (October–November 2007)Wave 3 (October 2008–January 2009)Wave 4 (January–February 2010)Wave 5 (April–May 2011)Wave 1 (October–December 2006)Wave 2 (October 2008–February 2009)Wave 3 (October 2010–January 2011)
Out of country0.
Duty free1.00.2*
Refused/don't know0.
  • n Represents the total number of valid responses (ie, the denominator). *, ** and ***: significant difference at 5%, 1% and 0.1% with previous time period. These should be interpreted with great caution as the number of comparisons is absurdly high.