Table 2

Proportion of sample seeing cigarette packs in the previous 6 months and characteristics of these students in 2011 and 2013 surveys

 Unweighted dataWeighted data
20112013p Value20112013p Value
Total number of students surveyed (N)6338591563385984
Saw cigarette packs in previous 6 months: N (%)3888 (61)3852 (65)<0.0013802 (60)3886 (65)0.004
Among students seeing packs in previous 6 months
 Sex (% males)4349<0.00145500.26
  12–15-year olds62696668
  16–17-year olds38313432
 Mother smokes (% yes)27250.0427240.22
 Father smokers (% yes)33310.1433290.083
 Percentage of students with no friends who smoke6171<0.00164720.003
 Smoking status (%)
  • CS, smoking in past week/established smokers; ES, experimental smokers; NSNS, non-susceptible never-smokers; SNS, susceptible never-smokers.