Table 2

Illicit tobacco (IT) awareness, purchase and attitudes in the consumer research, phases 1 and 2

July 2009 (n=4105) (%)Mar/Apr 2011 (n=4111) (%)Z test
Awareness of IT (only asked of non-smokers; base non-smokers n=1661, 2029)5469p<0.01
Purchasers of IT (only asked of current smokers; base current smokers n=2444, 2082)2018ns
IT proportion of total consumption (base IT purchasers, n=477, 381)3633ns
Purchase IT from shops (base IT purchasers, n=477, 381)614p<0.01
IT composition (base IT purchasers, n=477, 381):
 (1) Foreign brands not normally found in UK2235p<0.01
 (2) Counterfeit/fake2526ns
 (3) UK brands5339p<0.01
(IT products) don't do anyone any harm (% disagreeing)8082ns
Buying IT is no ‘big deal’ (% disagreeing)6568p<0.05
IT is a danger to children because they can buy them easily and cheaply (% agreeing)8788ns
Billions of pounds a year of tax which could be spent on schools and hospitals is lost (% agreeing)7575ns
IT brings crime into the local community (% agreeing)6364ns
IT makes it possible for me to smoke when I couldn't afford it otherwise (base IT purchasers, n=477, 381)6367ns
Everyone does it (buy IT) (base IT purchasers, n=477, 381)6956p<0.01
Likely to report someone if you suspected them of selling IT2629p<0.05
Likely to report someone if you suspected them of selling IT to children7575ns
  • Note: Base total sample unless otherwise indicated.

  • ns, non-significant.