Table 1

Point-biserial correlations of cotinine with self-report secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure measures

Personal residenceFriends’ residenceRelatives’ residenceAutomobilePublic placeOther area4-Item sum scale3-Item sum scale
24 h0.37*0.28*0.43*0.26*0.05−0.020.46*
7 days0.41*0.45*0.38*0.160.01−0.050.53*
  • Scales calculated for items with significant correlations: the 3-item scale sums past 7-day SHS exposure in the residence of one's own, of friends and of relatives, range 0–3; the 4-item scale sums past 24-h residential SHS exposure and automobile SHS exposure, range 0–4.

  • *p<0.01.