Table 2

Pack orientations, by phase and pack type

Pre-plain packagingEarly post-plain packaging1 year post-plain packaging
All packsBranded packs*All packs†Plain packsBranded packsAll packs†Plain packsBranded packs
Total N116411129077883394085443
Orientation (%)
 External case1.23.51.9
  • *At pre-plain packaging, ‘Branded packs’ excludes packs in external cases and undetermined orientations, which would have been recorded as an unknown packaging type in the post-plain packaging phases. This means that the three phases have equivalent denominators.

  • †At post-plain packaging, ‘All packs’ includes plain and branded packs as well as packs of unknown type (early post-PP: n=86; 1 year post-PP: n=43). Of these unknown type packs, the majority were coded as having an undetermined orientation or were in an external case. Some were concealed, and a small number (2 in early post-plain packaging and 3 in 1 year post-plain packaging) had valid data for pack orientation but missing data for the pack type variable.

  • PP, plain packaging.