Table 1

Average recommended retail price in AUD2013 per stick for factory made cigarettes in 2011–2013 by manufacturer, market segment and pack size

Per stick price, AUD2013 (SD; number of products)Per cent change
At November 2011At November 2012At November 20132011–20122012–20132011–2013
Brand–pack sizesn=62n=65n=71
All cigarette brand–pack sizes$A0.68 ($A0.07; 62)$A0.70 ($A0.08; 65)$A0.72 ($A0.09; 71)
 BATA$A0.71 ($A0.08; 29)$A0.74 ($A0.08; 28)$A0.76 ($A0.09; 34)
 Imperial$A0.65 ($A0.06; 17)$A0.66 ($A0.08; 19)$A0.67 ($A0.08; 21)
 Philip Morris$A0.65 ($A0.04; 16)$A0.66 ($A0.06; 18)$A0.70 ($A0.06; 16)
Market segment
 Value$A0.60 ($A0.01; 20)$A0.62 ($A0.04; 24)$A0.64 ($A0.04; 31)
 Mainstream$A0.65 ($A0.03; 16)$A0.68 ($A0.03; 17)$A0.71 ($A0.04; 16)
 Premium$A0.75 ($A0.05; 26)$A0.78 ($A0.05; 24)$A0.82 ($A0.04; 24)
Pack size
 20 sticks$A0.70 ($A0.08; 28)$A0.71 ($A0.09; 27)$A0.74 ($A0.10; 25)
 21 sticks(0)(0)$A0.65 (<$A0.01; 2)
 22 sticks(0)(0)$A0.61 (1)
 23 sticks(0)(0)$A0.63 ($A0.06; 2)
 25 sticks$A0.68 ($A0.06; 19)$A0.71 ($A0.06; 21)$A0.76 ($A0.08; 21)4.56.611.4
 26 sticks(0)$A0.57 (1)$A0.63 ($A0.03; 3)10.2
 30 sticks$A0.62 ($A0.02; 5)$A0.65 ($A0.01; 5)$A0.73 ($A0.08; 7)4.912.818.3
 35 sticks$A0.71 ($A0.08; 3)$A0.74 ($A0.09; 3)$A0.66 (1)4.5−11.1*−7.1
 40 sticks$A0.60 ($A0.02; 5)$A0.61 ($A0.03; 6)$A0.65 ($A0.04; 7)
 50 sticks$A0.59 (<$A0.01; 2)$A0.63 (<$A0.01; 2)$A0.66 ($A0.01; 2)
  • *Note: The 11.1% reduction in recommended retail prices (RRP) among packs of 35 sticks from 2012 to 2013 did not actually correspond to a decrease in RRP among any individual product. Rather, coinciding with the introduction of plain packaging, two of the three brands available in 35s, Cambridge and Wills, were repackaged from 35 to 30 stick packs. As the only remaining brand in this category, Escort, was a mainstream brand, the per stick RRP of 35s was substantially lower in 2013. The change in RRPs among packs of 30s was correspondingly higher.

  • BATA, British American Tobacco Australia.