Table 1

Sample characteristics of Australian students participating in each survey and tobacco control activity in Australia during each survey year

VariableSurvey year
Total sample size*13 88416 61113 17012 31412 62013 880
Age group (%)
 12–13 years32.932.433.531.030.128.7
 14–15 years35.637.736.736.734.835.5
 16–17 years31.530.029.832.335.235.8
Sex (%)
% Smoking in the past month in metropolitan areas of each jurisdiction
 State A23.923.820.415.912.011.8
 State B24.225.520.
 State C22.923.520.916.811.08.2
 State D26.930.026.922.616.312.6
 State E22.123.620.614.79.58.4
Cigarette price per stick (AUD)†0.270.340.370.430.450.46
12-Month change in price per stick (AUD)
Extent of adoption of different smoking policies (% of maximum possible number of policies adopted)15
 Clean indoor air0.
 Youth access43.545.861.571.270.282.8
 Point of sale/outdoor advertising40.750.657.666.969.988.3
  • *Sample based on students attending schools in metropolitan areas of five Australian states.

  • †Average price per stick of Peter Jackson 30s and Winfield 25s used for all states except South Australia, where Escort 35s prices were used. Australian dollars, prices Consumer Price Index-adjusted to December 2008 values.