Table 2

Prevalence of categories of unbranded illicit tobacco use among cigarette smokers—percentages and results of logistic regression model

Time periodDifferences between PP phases—unadjusted models†Differences between PP phases—adjusted models†‡Linear trend during PP—adjusted models
Per centOR95% CIPer centOR95% CIOR
Regular unbranded use
 Transition0.42.500.43 to 14.580.42.450.44 to 13.63
 PP0.21.480.47 to 4.670.21.480.46 to 4.731.03
Current unbranded use
 Transition0.10.420.05 to 3.610.10.410.05 to 3.58
 PP0.42.420.90 to 6.540.42.400.89 to 6.500.90
Nominated as ‘another type of tobacco smoked’ (other unbranded use)
 Transition0.10.680.07 to to 5.79
 PP0.31.430.44 to 4.630.31.370.42 to 4.450.94
Purchased unbranded tobacco in the past month
 Transition3.00.940.55 to 1.602.90.910.53 to 1.57
 PP2.10.64*0.45 to 0.912.10.63*0.44 to 0.900.97
Any unbranded tobacco use§
 Transition3.50.960.59 to 1.573.50.930.57 to 1.53
 PP3.00.800.58 to to 1.080.96
  • *p<0.05.

  • †Of n=8679 cigarette smokers, we excluded those who did not have SES information (n=199). Analysed n=8480.

  • ‡Model controlled for sex, age group, SES and education.

  • §Any of the four categories of unbranded use.

  • PP, plain packaging; SES, socioeconomic status.