Table 1

Health effects depicted on cigarette and tobacco packaging by graphic health warnings in different time periods in Australia

Set B* 2006 pre-PPSet A 2006 pre-PPSet 1 post-PPSet 2 post-PP
1 March 2011–28 February 20121 November 2011–30 November 20121 October 2012–30 November 2013From 1 August 2013
Smoking is addictiveGangreneGangrene†Damage to teeth/gums§
StrokeMouth cancer/throat cancerMouth cancer‡Stroke‡
BlindnessArteryBlindness†Throat cancer‡
Harm to unborn babiesHarm to childrenHarm to unborn babies‡Harm to children‡
Heart diseaseDeathLung cancer‡Death‡
Lung cancerEmphysemaEmphysema†Heart disease‡
Tobacco smoke is toxicQuitting will improve your healthQuitting will improve your health‡Kidney and bladder cancer¶
  • *Set A and set B: each consisted of seven graphic health warnings with the sets rotated roughly every 12 months. †Same topic, same or similar image.

  • ‡Same topic, new image.

  • §New topic, similar image to a related harm.

  • ¶New topic, new image.

  • PP, plain packaging.