Table 1

Characteristics of the ‘Year 10’ sample by year (percentages)

n (count)25 76232 60526 64528 447
Age (years)
Ethnicity (prioritised)
 NZ European61585957
SES, based on school decile*
 Low (1–3)14161516
 Medium (4–7)45454241
 High (8–10)42394343
Smoking status
 Never smoker, not susceptible44485252
 Never smoker, susceptible18161716
 Experimented in past21211819
 Less than monthly5655
  • *A school's decile rating indicates the extent to which it draws its students from low socioeconomic communities. A low decile represents a school with a high proportion of students from disadvantaged communities. Deciles are used to allocate differential funding in New Zealand's public education system.

  • SES, socioeconomic status.