Table 2

Proportion of all, licit and illicit brands cigarette purchases in violation of the 2011 minimum price level of MYR7.00 in 2011 prices

In violation of 2011 minimum priceWave 1 (2005), %Wave 2 (2006–2007), %Wave 3 (2008), %Wave 4 (2009), %Wave 5 (2011–2012), %
All brands27.728.128.415.4***16.7
All licit brands18.813.0**11.73.9***1.8**
All illicit brands76.989.7**96.3**89.8*91.9
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001 indicates the test of comparisons of proportions result. The degree of violation of the minimum price law (MPL) was tested against the immediately preceding wave. MPL violation is determined based on inflation-adjusted 2011 prices. Illicit brands are not disaggregated by packaging type due to the low number of illicit brand purchases by single sticks that were observed during the study (n=55).