Table 1

Summary of peer-reviewed literature presenting findings from surveys of multiunit housing residents*

Lead authorYearLocationRacial/ethnic minorityHousing typePer cent femaleCurrent smokersSample sizeResponse rateSurvey methodParticipant incentive
Baezconde-Garbanati2011Southern CaliforniaNot specified (Hispanic/Latino immigrant focus)Low-income housing56Not reported14286%Verbal (door-to-door)Educational pamphlets; small gifts
Baezconde-Garbanati†2011Southern California100% minority (Hispanic/Latino)Rented MUH498%409Not reportedTelephoneNone
Ballor2013Tacoma, Washington54% minorityPublic housing (apartments)6737%22916% of units targetedPaper (central office or taped to doors)None
Drach2010Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area13% minoritySubsidised housing (apartments)6936%68782%Paper (mailing)$2 incentive with mailing; $25 for completion
Hennrikus2003Suburban Minneapolis, MinnesotaNot reported for sample (suburb 91% white)Market-rate housing (apartments)5624%30165%Paper (mailing)None
Hewett2007Minnesota (statewide)28% minorityMarket-rate housing (apartments)Not reported29% of respondent households40571%Paper (mailing) and telephone$2 incentive with mailing; chance to win $1000 for completion
Hewett2012Minnesota (statewide)4.7% minorityCommon interest communitiesNot reported15%49536%Paper (mailing) and telephoneNone
Hood*2013Columbus, Ohio84% African-AmericanSubsidised housing (apartments)8648%30164%Verbal (resident homes after advance mailing)$5 grocery store gift card
King2010New York (statewide)43% minorityGeneral MUH6619%593633%Telephone$20 for completion
Licht2012NationalNot reportedGeneral MUHNot reportedNot reported164 (landline); 254 (cell)44% (landline); 31% (cell)TelephoneNone
Pizacani‡2012Portland, Oregon12% minoritySubsidised housing6918%44078%Paper (mailing)$2 bill at time of mailing; $25 for completion
Wilson2014National23% African-American
30% other
General MUH5212%731 MUH residents (n=562 who reported no past 3-month smoking in home)86% (telephone); 65% (internet)Telephone and internetNone reported
  • *Four papers relevant to the MUH resident section of this review are not included in this table. King et al6 is not included because the data come from secondary data sources. Hood et al,16 Hood et al18 and Hood et al19 are not included because the relevant survey data are the same data reported in Hood et al,17 which is listed in the table above.

  • †Reported on two surveys within the same published paper: as indicated, one was a door-to-door survey, and the other was a telephone survey.

  • ‡Collected follow-up data from a subset of the residents surveyed by Drach et al.12 While Drach et al12 reported data from surveys completed about 4 months after the implementation of a smoke-free building policy, Pizacani et al22 reported survey data collected at 4 months postimplementation and about 16 months postimplementation. The data presented for Pizacani et al22 are the 16 months postimplementation data.

  • MUH, multiunit housing.