Table 2

Descriptive statistics, 2006–2009

Variable descriptionFull sampleLow incomeHigh incomeLess educatedMore educated
Binary variables
 Monthly household income
  Primary school or less0.1250.1560.0720.277
  Middle school0.3270.3900.2220.724
  High school0.3580.3480.3760.653
  Beyond high school0.1900.1060.3310.347
Continuous variables
 Age at baseline50.851.449.654.148.0
 Cigarette tier price
  Real, in 2006 terms6.245.297.825.107.18
 Average daily cigarette consumption at baseline17.717.917.018.616.8
Number of smoker-years84535288316638204633
  • Note: Coefficients are means of each variable by sample. Binary variables equal 1 if the description applies and 0 otherwise. SDs for continuous variables are in square brackets. The numbers of smoker-years in each column are weighted based on the complex survey design.