Table 1

Hookah bar characteristics

Hookah bar IDDay of weekNumber of active hookahsPatronsVentilationTemp (°F)
1Wednesday4NDClosed windows and open door; air condition operating74
2Friday1836Closed windows and doors76
3Friday615Closed windows and doors73
4Wednesday611Overhead fans operating; open door73
5Friday1030Closed windows and open door; fans operating78
5aWednesday420Closed windows and open door; fans operatingND
6Friday4 (back)+ 3 (front)20Front: closed windows and doors. Back: air conditioning units operating76
7Saturday712Open doorsND
8Thursday1330Closed windows and doors70
  • Hookah bars 5 and 5a are the same bar assessed on 2 nights.

  • ND, not determined.