Table 1

Flight attendant characteristics by e-cigarette use and observation of e-cigarette use

Do you use e-cigarettes?Have you ever observed a person using e-cigarettes in an airport or aeroplane?
NYesNop ValueYesNop Value
Age, years*56939.3 (11.9)42.6 (11.6)0.0844.1 (11.1)40.8 (11.9)<0.01
College and more30259.052.60.4448.956.70.06
Worked before in-flight smoking ban22538.539.60.8948.531.8<0.01
Smoking status
Agree with smoke-free indoor public places (including airports)49771.888.5<0.0190.984.30.02
Prefer to work in a smoke-free environment51579.591.30.0293.987.5<0.01
Believe airports need additional tobacco control policies38243.668.9<0.0178.457.4<0.01
  • *Data are % or mean (SD).