Table 2

Association between campaign exposure and campaign-targeted attitudes towards cigarette gifts

Attitude measureCampaign exposurenPer centLogistic regression ORs (95% CI)
Disagreeing that cigarettes are good gifts for friends and familyModel 1
 Control cities9655511
 Intervention cities2333601.22 (0.86 to 1.73)1.59 (1.11 to 2.27)*
Model 2
 Not recalled20435811
 Recalled the campaign282711.75 (1.28 to 2.41)**1.63 (1.18 to 2.25)**
Model 3
 Not recalled20435811
 Recalled† 1 channel173752.09 (1.25 to 3.50)**2.00 (1.22 to 3.29)**
 Recalled 2 and more channels58601.05 (0.43 to 2.55)0.84 (0.34 to 2.09)
Model 4
 Not recalled‡20435811
 Recalled TV190701.62 (1.02 to 2.55)*1.51 (0.96 to 2.37)
 Recalled poster54620.84 (0.49 to 1.42)0.80 (0.44 to 1.47)
 Recalled mobile media67711.32 (0.67 to 2.60)1.19 (0.62 to 2.26)
  • Adjusted for age group, sex, income, education, marital status, smoking status, intention to quit, exposure to general anti-smoking campaign and survey time from the campaign end until the time of the post-campaign survey.

  • Statistically significant levels for logistic regression: *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.

  • †Participants (n=51) who recalled the campaign but did not report any channel through which they saw the campaign were removed from the analysis.

  • ‡This analysis is a single model in which dummy variables were created for each channel, with no recall of any exposure to the campaign as the reference group.

  • TV, television.