Table 1

Prevalence of use of three categories of cigarettes likely to be contraband among the most recently purchased pack of FM cigarettes purchased in Australia—percentages and results of logistic regression models

Time periodDifferences between PP phases—unadjusted models†‡Linear trend during PP—unadjusted model
Per centOR95% CIOR
‘Cheap whites’
 Transition0.21.150.12 to 11.39
 PP< to 1.560.92*
Suspiciously priced international brand
 Transition0.11.800.16 to 20.85
 PP0.23.490.66 to 18.350.97
Purchased from informal seller§
 Transition0.21.830.19 to 17.84
 PP< to 1.471.63*
  • *p<0.05.

  • †Of n=8679 cigarette smokers, n=6658 said the last cigarette they smoked was a brand of FM cigarettes. We excluded those who did not provide their brand name of the last cigarette they smoked (n=193), or who reported a brand of e-cigarettes, cigars or cigarillos (n=11), or who purchased their current pack duty-free or from overseas (n=60). Analysed n=6395.

  • ‡Models did not control for respondent characteristics due to low cell sizes.

  • §In addition, those who did not provide a valid pack size (n=126) were not asked where they purchased their cigarettes from and were excluded from the ‘informal seller’ analyses; analysed n=6268.

  • FM, factory-made; PP, plain packaging.