Table 1

Type of cigarette smoked, market segment of current cigarette smokers’ current brands of FM and RYO cigarettes, and features of FM cigarettes by phase: percentages and results of logistic regression models

Time periodDifferences between PP phases—unadjusted modelsDifferences between PP phases—adjusted models
Per centOR95% CIPer centOR95% CI
Type of cigarette smoked (n=8610)†
 Any FM
  Transition83.11.261.00 to 1.5983.21.28*1.02 to 1.62
  PP year to 1.2481.01.100.96 to 1.28
  PP post-tax78.80.950.79 to 1.1579.20.980.81 to 1.19
 Any RYO
  Transition27.00.76**0.62 to 0.9226.70.73**0.60 to 0.90
  PP year to 1.1733.41.020.90 to 1.16
  PP post-tax32.00.960.82 to 1.1331.40.930.79 to 1.10
 Both FM and RYO
  Transition11.70.820.62 to 1.0911.50.810.60 to 1.08
  PP year to 1.3815.91.19*1.00 to 1.41
  PP post-tax12.90.920.73 to 1.1612.80.920.72 to 1.17
Market segment (n=7076)‡
 RYO tobacco
  Transition17.80.74*0.57 to 0.9517.60.71*0.55 to 0.93
  PP year 121.40.930.80 to 1.0821.30.910.78 to 1.06
  PP post-tax21.30.920.75 to 1.1321.70.930.75 to 1.15
 Value FM cigarettes
  Transition22.21.070.84 to 1.3522.11.040.82 to 1.33
  PP year 125.81.30**1.12 to 1.5025.51.27**1.10 to 1.48
  PP post-tax27.41.41**1.16 to 1.7127.81.44***1.18 to 1.76
 Mainstream FM cigarettes
  Transition42.71.160.94 to 1.4242.91.170.96 to 1.44
  PP year 137.40.920.81 to 1.0537.40.930.82 to 1.06
  PP post-tax36.20.880.74 to 1.0536.10.880.73 to 1.05
 Premium FM cigarettes
  Transition17.31.030.79 to 1.3317.71.090.83 to 1.43
  PP year 115.40.900.76 to 1.0515.70.930.79 to 1.11
  PP post-tax15.10.880.70 to 1.0914.50.850.68 to 1.07
FM cigarette features (n=4824)§
  Transition10.90.990.69 to 1.4211.31.020.70 to 1.47
  PP year 110.90.980.78 to 1.2411.00.990.78 to 1.25
  PP post-tax11.31.030.76 to 1.3910.90.980.71 to 1.34
 Cigarette length—king size
  Transition1.10.520.21 to to 1.25
  PP year 12.00.910.56 to 1.472.00.900.55 to 1.45
  PP post-tax2.41.100.58 to to 2.09
 Cigarette diameter—slims
  Transition1.41.770.62 to to 5.31
  PP year 11.82.30*1.12 to 4.721.82.39*1.16 to 4.94
  PP post-tax1.31.650.68 to to 4.04
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • †Of n=8811 smokers, we excluded those who did not have SES information (n=201). Analysed n=8610.

  • ‡Of n=8679 cigarette smokers, we excluded those who: did not provide their current brand name (n=283); currently smoked unbranded tobacco or gave a brand of cigars/cigarillos or e-cigarettes (n=60); did not recall where they purchased their pack or received it as a gift (n=75); did not provide a valid pack size (n=231); did not report a price (n=413); purchased tobacco duty free or overseas (n=70); skipped relevant questions due to back-coding of verbatim responses (n=77); gave responses that were deemed unlikely to be correct (such as a non-existent pack size or unrealistically low or high price) (n=243); or did not have SES information (n=151). Analysed n=7076.

  • §Of n=4958 FM only cigarette smokers included in the market segment analyses, we excluded those who: did not provide their current variant name (n=42); or did not have SES information (n=92). Analysed n=4824.

  • FM, factory made; PP, plain packaging; RYO, roll-your-own; SES, socioeconomic status.