Table 2

Summary of results across the four participant groups

1. Regular premium cigars (interviews)2. Occasional premium cigars and premium cigarillo smokers (groups)3. Non-premium cigarillos
4. General sample of cigar or cigarillo smokers
Perceived impact of plain packaging
Exposure▸ Half seen; half unaware
▸ Purchasing from many channels
Mixed, low in young purchasing singles, higher for boxesHigh exposure▸ Recall of any cigar GHWs (50%; ±6% CI)
▸ Last purchase was compliant with plain packaging and/or GHWs (46%; ±6% CI)
▸ Smoked only compliant in past 6 months (48%; ±6% CI)
Appeal of packagingReduced if exposed (for box and bag)Reduced among those few exposedGreatly reduced▸ 53% lower packaging appeal (±6% CI) (12% higher; 35% same)
▸ 28% lower product appeal (±5% CI) (12% higher; 60% same)
Perceived qualityMinimal change, relied less on packUnsure, packaging is a cue for qualityReduced16% lower (±4% CI)
(15% higher; 69% same)
Changes in taste, enjoymentMinimalMinimal for experienced smokersReduced19% lower (±5% CI)
(15% higher; 66% same)
Perceived harmLowLower than cigarettesSomewhat increased19% higher (±5% CI)
(15% lower; 66% same)
Perceived valueUnchanged (less price sensitive)Reduced, pack part of valueReduced, noted tax increased too41% lower (±6% CI)
(18% higher; 41% same)
Notice WarningsHigh if exposed, especially graphicsHigh if exposed, especially graphicsHigh, especially graphics33% more often (±6% CI)
(16% less often, 43% same)
Reported behavioural changes▸ Decant from box
▸ Retail purchasing made them feel closer to “dirty smokers”
▸ Decant from box
▸ Less brand trialling
Conceal packs, less brand trialling, contemplating quittingConsumption changes since 2 years ago:
▸ Cigars: 42% less; 13% more; 45% same
▸ Cigarillos: 44% less; 15% more; 42% same
Deliberately concealed or decanted:
▸ 11% more often (±4% CI) (21% less often; 56% same)
  • 1. Regular Premium Cigar smokers: currently smoking premium cigars (>$25) at least weekly; 2. Occasional premium cigar/premium cigarillo smokers: currently smoking premium cigars fortnightly or monthly and/or currently smoking premium cigarillos (any frequency); 3. Non-premium cigarillo smokers: currently smoking non-premium cigarillos (any frequency); and 4. Cigar and cigarillo smokers: currently smoking cigars and/or cigarillos (any frequency).

  • GHWs, graphic health warnings.