Table 2

Message testing results for health, guilt and shame messages

Message framePhysical health consequences (%)Guilt (%)Shame (%)
Ad messageQuit before serious consequences (n=75)Smoking doubles your risk of stroke (n=75)Cancer produces tar in lungs (n=75)Nothing worse than letting your children hear you have cancer (n=75)How others see you when smoking (n=75)
How believable was the message in the ad?*: Somewhat/very believable (χ2=7.199; p=0.206)9991969691
How relevant were the messages in this ad?*: Somewhat/very relevant (χ2=18.095; p=0.003)9189938196
To what extent did the ad make you think that you should try to stop smoking?†: A lot (χ2=1.856; p=0.869)3535332935
How much did the ad make you feel that you did not want to smoke in the future?†: A lot/quite a bit (χ2=8.246; p=0.143)6757565261
How effective do you think this ad will be in stopping smokers from smoking?‡: Very/quite effective (χ2=7.233; p=0.204)5545394857
Do you like or dislike the ad?§: Quite liked/very much liked ad (χ2=16.23; p=0.006)5145373764
  • *Response options: very, somewhat, not very, not at all.

  • †Response options: a lot; quite a bit; a little; not much; not at all.

  • ‡Response scale: very effective; quite effective; a little effective; not effective; not at all effective; won't work at all.

  • §Response scale: liked it very much; quite liked it; it was just ok; didn't really like it; hated it.