Table 1

Sample characteristics, predictor variables at baseline, and outcome variables at follow-up for continuing and baseline cigarette smokers at follow-up

Continuing cigarette smokers at follow-up*
Baseline cigarette smokers at follow-up†
Sample characteristics at baseline and covariates%%
Age (years)
Highest level of education
 Less than high school33.432.9
 Completed high school/some tertiary54.454.3
 Tertiary or above12.212.8
Socioeconomic status
Mean (SE)Mean (SE)
Heaviness of smoking index (0–6)2.23 (0.04)2.17 (0.04)
Days between baseline and follow-up survey30.08 (0.10)30.11 (0.10)
Antismoking advertising in past 3 months1447 (17.2)1446 (16.8)
Predictor variables at baseline%%
Appeal variables
 Dislikes pack79.979.5
 Lower pack appeal48.948.7
 Lower quality26.326.1
 Lower satisfaction20.620.5
 Lower value for money55.155.0
 Believes brands do not differ in prestige48.248.0
Health warning effectiveness variables
 Notices GHW first when looking at pack65.966.1
Does not believe dangers of smoking are exaggerated62.162.9
 Attributes much more motivation to quit to GHWs12.413.3
 Concealed or covered pack in past month23.023.0
 Requested different GHW in past month8.99.1
Perceived harm variables
 Believes brands do not differ in harmfulness67.867.3
Balance between enjoyment and concern
 More enjoyment16.421.0
 More concern23.021.7
Outcome variables at follow-up
Quitting-related cognitions
 Daily thoughts about quitting in past week36.5
 Intend to quit in next month36.5
 Firm date to quit in next month6.7
Pack concealment and microindicators of concern
 Concealed or covered pack several or many times in past month19.5
 Stubbed out several or many times in past month26.7
 Stopped oneself from smoking several or many times in past month37.8
Quitting behaviours
 Attempted to quit in past month23.6
  • All data are weighted using longitudinal weights. Owing to rounding and missing data on outcome variables (including do not know, not applicable and refused responses), percentages may not sum to 100. Descriptive data for the covariate capturing percentage change in cigarette costliness are presented in text.

  • *Sample used in analyses predicting daily thoughts about quitting, intentions to quit in next month, firm date to quit in next month, pack concealment, stubbing out and stopping oneself from smoking.

  • †Sample used in analyses predicting attempts to quit in past month.

  • GHW, graphic health warning.