Table 1

Characteristics of samples

1. Regular premium cigar smokers (n=10)2. Occasional premium cigar/premium cigarillo smokers (n=14)3. Non-premium cigarillo smokers (n=28)4. Cigar and cigarillo smokers (n=268) (%)
Age group
Frequency of smoking cigar/cigarillos
 At least weekly81914*
 Fortnightly (qualitative)/less than weekly (quantitative)4971*
 Less than monthly23NA
Packaging purchased
 Boxed or mostly boxed431555*†
 Single or mostly single42960*†
 Both equally294NA
Tobacco smoked (multiple response)‡
 Cigarettes (factory made)581979
 Roll your own cigarettes31062
  • 1. Regular premium cigar smokers: currently smoking premium cigars (>$25) at least weekly; 2. Occasional premium cigar/premium cigarillo smokers: currently smoking premium cigars fortnightly or monthly and/or currently smoking premium cigarillos (any frequency); 3. Non-premium cigarillo smokers: currently smoking non-premium cigarillos (any frequency); and 4. Cigar and cigarillo smokers: currently smoking cigars and/or cigarillos (any frequency).

  • *For the purpose of this table, frequency of smoking cigars (and not cigarillos) was reported for online survey participants, as frequency of cigarillo consumption was reported separately.

  • †Categories were not mutually exclusive for online survey results.

  • ‡For qualitative interviews and groups, tobacco smoked was assessed for each form of tobacco by yes/no response; for the quantitative study respondents were asked to indicate the frequency with which they smoked each product (ie, daily, weekly or less than weekly), with any frequency of smoking reported for the purpose of this item.

  • NA, not assessed for online survey participants.