Table 1

Characteristics of all students participating in each survey, the proportion of students seeing cigarette packs in the previous 6 months and the proportion of these students in each of the smoking status groups (unweighted and weighted data)

Unweighted dataWeighted data
20112013p Value20112013p Value
(Total n)(6338)(5915)(6338)(5984)
Sex (% males)46%50%<0.00149%51%0.67
Age (mean)14.614.5<0.00114.414.40.99
 Government school68%68%0.01661%59%0.95
 Catholic school18%16%23%23%
 Independent school14%15%16%18%
Smoking status
Percentage with no friends who smoke68%75%<0.00171%77%0.016
Mother smokes (% yes)22%20%0.0721%19%0.28
Father smokers (% yes)27%26%0.2926%24%0.27
Saw cigarette packs in previous 6 months61%65%<0.00160%65%0.004
Among students who had seen a cigarette pack in previous 6 months (N)(3838)(3819)(3738)(3856)
Smoking status
  • MS, past month smoker; NSNS, non-susceptible never-smoker; SNS, susceptible never-smoker; TS, tried smoking.