Table 1

Frequencies and percentages of e-cigarette use among children reporting never having smoked a cigarette

Used e-cigarettes if never smoked
Frequency (%)
p Value*
SexBoys46 (6.5)0.03
Girls31 (4.1)
Parent figures who smoke tobacco†Neither30 (3.5)<0.001
Mother only10 (6.6)
Father only10 (5.2)
Mother and father figure25 (11.7)
Parent figures‡ who use e-cigarettesNeither39 (3.5)<0.001
Mother only5 (6.2)
Father only7 (9.2)
Mother and father figure13 (18.6)
Parent figure smoking and e-cigarette useNeither22 (2.9)<0.001
Smoke but not e-cigarette17 (5.2)
E-cigarette but not smoke4 (9.5)
Smoke and e-cigarette21 (11.7)
Has friends who smokeYes14 (17.7)<0.001
No62 (4.5)
  • *p Value from design-adjusted χ2 analyses.

  • †Variable representing whether a parent figure smokes tobacco (regardless of whether they also use e-cigarettes).

  • ‡Variable representing whether a parent figure uses e-cigarettes (regardless of whether they also smoke tobacco).